What is a Society?

Societies are groups of students connected by a common interest, for example film-making, board games or live music. Joining a society is a great way to meet like-minded people and make the most from your experience at the university. Societies regularly run events, socials and development sessions, all for the benefit of students. Societies range from groups of students meeting to share their interests to developing professional experience to help you get a job after university. 

How to Join a Society?

Joining a society is easy! Come over to the Welcome Centre which is found on the First Floor of the SU building.  You will be given a sign-up sheet to tick off which societies you’d like to join and pay at the desk.

Your contact information will be given to the committee of the society and they will get in touch with you to welcome you.

How to start your own?

Don’t see anything you like from our list of societies? Why not start your own?

All you need is 4 other like-minded students from Solent to complete a new society application form here.

The SU will review the application to make sure it fits with our values and there isn’t already a similar society, and give you feedback on the result.

Then all you have to do is get members to sign up, elect your committee and attend training. 

What forms do I need to complete to make my society official? 

Risk Assessment

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