Annual General Meeting (AGM)  


Please find the minutes of 20.03.24 AGM here!

The minutes of the AGM outline what took place during the AGM and what motions/reports were passed.


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What is a Motion? 

A motion is a way to have your say in what important change needs to happen in the Union and the University. It is your chance to put forward change you want to see implemented.

Please see below for the motions that have been submitted by Solent students for our 2024 AGM!



Papers for AGM (2024)


For the AGM Agenda Click HERE!


Paper 1 - Minutes of Previous AGM - PASSED

Paper 2 - SU President AGM Report 2024 - PASSED

Paper 3 - VP Education AGM Report 2024 - PASSED

Paper 4 - VP Wellbeing AGM Report 2024 - PASSED

Paper 5 - Audited Accounts 2022/23 - PASSED

Paper 6 - Suggested Union Auditors for 2024/25 - PASSED

Paper 7 - Union Affiliations 2023/24 - PASSED

Paper 8 - Smoking Area Bins & Benches (Student Motion) - PASSED

Paper 9 - To put more outlets in lecture rooms in the Spark (Student Motion) - PASSED

Paper 10 - Inclusivity of all faiths (Student Motion) - PASSED WITH AMMENDMENT

Paper 11 - Suggested amendment for "Inclusivity for all faiths" motion - ADDED TO MOTION




What does AGM stand for? 

It stands for Annual General Meeting.


What is an AGM? 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting that happens every year where you can get the full picture of what the Union has done this year and put forward motions to get change. 


Who can attend AGM? 

Any current student can attend AGM and vote! 


What to do if you can’t go? 

If you cannot attend AGM in-person, you can send someone to vote on your behalf, this is called proxy voting. If you wish to submit a proxy vote, fill out the below form and send it to  

If you want to use a proxy vote but do not have someone to vote for you make sure you tick the box “I consent for Solent Students’ Union to find a proxy voter on my behalf”. We will find a student representative on your behalf, who we will get you in contact with.  

Voting by proxy means you either trust the person to vote how you would, or you have given them your votes in advance.  


Fill out your Proxy Vote Form here!


What happens at an AGM? 

Normally, votes are taken on different agenda items that have been proposed prior to the meeting. An example agenda can be found below: 

  • Voting to ratify the minutes from the previous AGM. 

  • Report from the Board of Trustees 

  • Voting to approve the Union's financial accounts for the previous financial year. 

  • Voting to formally appoint auditors for the next financial year. 

  • Voting to affirm the Unions’ affiliations. 

  • Student Motion – suggested to created change! 

  • Presentation from the current officer team. 

  • Questions from members present. 

Other agenda items can be proposed before the AGM by emailing? up to?one week prior to the meeting. 


What is quoracy? 

Quoracy is the number of students that must attend the meeting so that the meeting can officially start, and voting can begin. We must have 50 students in attendance to reach quoracy. If we have not meant quoracy by the scheduled time of the meeting we will wait 15 mins to reach quoracy or end the meeting.  


Why is an AGM important? 

The AGM isn't just a meeting; it's a democratic process that thrives on student involvement. By attending, you ensure that: 

  • Your Voice is Heard: Engage with leadership and raise the topics that impact your campus experience. 

  • Informed Decisions are Made: Understand the inner workings of your union and contribute to the dialogue that shapes its policies and direction. 

  • You Influence Leadership: Vote in the elections and help select the individuals who will make pivotal decisions on behalf of the student community. 

  • Transparency is Upheld: Reviewing the financial report helps maintain an open and trustworthy union that represents your interests. 

  • New Ideas Flourish: Propose fresh initiatives or voice concerns—this is your platform to introduce change. 


What is a motion? 

A motion is a way to have your say in what important change needs to happen in the Union and the University. It is your chance to put forward change you want to see implemented.  

A motion can be whatever you want to change or add to the Union. Do you want more events on campus – MOTION. Do you want better help with accommodation issues – MOTION. Do you want microwaves on campus – MOTION!! 




Contact Us 

Should you have any queries regarding the AGM, wish to add an item to the agenda, or require any further information, please feel free to reach out to We look forward to seeing you at the AGM and hearing your invaluable input which is essential in driving the Students' Union forward. 


Let your voice lead the way to a better campus life. Save the date and be there!