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Do you like music? Want to share your special interest with the world? Are you a DJ or want to learn? Think you've got a good voice? Want to get into content creation? You're in the right place - Radio Sonar wants YOU!

However, student radio doesn’t have to be all about presenting. We’re also looking for producers (content creators), tech assistants (we have a live lounge!), journalists (for our news team and/or to conduct artist interviews), as well as people to co-manage social media and social events. Whatever you can think of, we can accommodate. We will also be running DJ training sessions, leading to a Sonar DJs showcase, and existing DJs can network and have a slot on the station to mix and host!

We have ties with local community station Voice FM, and BBC Radio Solent just a stone's throw away from campus. As well as this, our links with the SRA and Renegade Music help to provide Radio Sonar with the latest music from the most exciting up-and-coming artists from across all genres. We are also part of the Student Music Network who offer the chance to interview your favourite artists, and in previous years we've grabbed interviews with Rudimental, AURORA, The Wombats, Rae Morris and Will Varley, just to name a few. These opportunities really could be yours if you join Radio Sonar!




Membership fee is £12. 

This membership fee covers:

1.     The Running of the Studio

As a society and radio station, like every other station, we have to pay over £1000 pounds a year in licenses. Whilst the money from the membership fees partly goes towards covering the costs of the licenses, the rest of the money going towards Radio Sonar having state of the art equipment. One of our most exciting bits of equipment, is having access to the playout system Zetta, which is used by the BBC and Virgin Radio. Over the summer holidays, we've also put some of this money towards completely redecorating the studio and bringing in brand new equipment. 

See pictures below for a before and after;




2.     Social Benefits

We are very fortunate at Radio Sonar to be part of the 'Revolution Society Scheme'. If you join, you will receive a Revs society card. This card will guarantee you cheaper food and drinks at Revolution Southampton as well as provide us the perfect location for frequent socials. As well as this, at the SRA events (as mentioned in the Members Pack), there will be many opportunites to network with industry professionals and members of other student stations.


3.     Opportunities

One of the best things about being part of Radio Sonar is the opportunities you will receive as part of the station. Whether being part of the on-air team, playlist team or any other role within Sonar, this station/society gives you multiple chances to make new friends and gain new skills. As well as this, as part of the SRA, we are able to provide great opportunities for our members for things like interviews, training days and the chance to win national awards. An example of this is SRACon, which is the biggest student radio conference in the UK. It’s full of guest talks, networking opportunities, and a fancy awards ceremony. Tickets for this are around £120 (including food). It is an amazing experience, and is a great way to celebrate the previous year of Radio Sonar.


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