About Us

Award winning TV & live events society.



SonarEVENTS is the award winning, student-led TV and live events society. If you love working on set, filming sports, lighting a music studio, mixing a live event or anything in between, then we're for you. There’s something for everyone!
About Us and what we do:

We here at SonarEVENTS take pride in everything we do. As a student-led society, it’s ran by students and only students, meaning that it’s full of people just like you who really want to take their career into the TV and Film industry to the next level. We’ll train you on everything you need to know whether you have a big background in production work from before or nothing at all. We welcome anyone from any year and any course! 

If you’re into sports, you can come along to our award-winning basketball live stream set up, where we use multiple cameras, a full custom built gallery and EVS replay machines to name just a few!

Maybe music or live events are a bit of you, we suggest opting in to the many different music themed events that we run, including things from DJ Showcases to the Solent’s Anthems event which is the biggest music event of the year that the University run!

We say it’s a great deal, so much so, it’s only £15 to join for a year, or you can pay in two separate instalments being £7.50 for semester 1 and then again in semester 2. Once you’ve paid, we will add you to our area on Teams where you can chat, sign up for jobs and keep track of training sessions.


Drop us a message or email if you have any questions! 

Keep up to date on our Instagram @sonareventsuk and on Twitter @sonareventsuk 

Contact us: tv.manager@solentsu.co.uk or production@solentliveevents.co.uk