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Solent Students' Union has been overwhelmed with the great response to our introduction of the SafeSolent Scheme back in November 2018. From the feedback we have received on the service, the student community at Solent University have shown masses of support, for which we are very grateful. 

The SafeSolent Scheme was started on a trial basis until 30th January 2019, at which point it is up for review with the Trustee Board that governs the Union. For this reason, the service will not be running from the 30th January 2019 until further notice. 

We are in high hopes that the Trustee Board will approve the SafeSolent Scheme to continue.

If you would like to be involved with decisions that affect the whole of the student community at Solent University, get involved at

About the Service

Safe Solent is brought to you by you Students Union to replace the Night Bus Service that previously ran.

The service is to help facilitate late night study to our students that make use of the Library's late night opening hours, we want to make sure that you guys can keep up with your studies but have peace of mind that you can get home safe during late evenings, nights and early mornings spent in the library.



1. After studying in the library, go to the Library Help Desk

2. Use the Radio Taxi system at the help desk to book yourself a taxi (make sure you provide your name and student ID otherwise it won't work)*

4. Your taxi will arrive and take you home, free of charge!

5. Don't forget to come back here and leave some feedback about your experience

*Please note. The taxi scheme is only able to take you to university halls or private residences in the City Centre, Polygon and Portswood area


The scheme was launched early November 2018 and led by Rich Westlake, your Vice President (Welfare & Community) to get off the ground. The scheme is initially running for a trial period until the 30th January, at which point it will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees as to its future, that's why your feedback is really important so we know how best to provide the service for you.



Running Times


Leave Feedback

To leave any feedback or comments please fill out the form below. If you'd rather talk to a human being, then you can get in touch with Rich to verbalise any feedback you may have about Safe Solent.


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