Mental Health Survey

Hi guys! I just quickly want to talk to you about Mental Health, something that I am extremely passionate about. As you know and am working towards improving provisions and funding of services at Solent.

Last week was Time to Talk day, with the theme being ‘starting conversations’ and we love starting conversations! As a part of our strategic planning and the universities Mental Wellbeing strategy that was launched last October, we took last Thursday to launch our SOSUK Mental Wellbeing Survey 2019.

This is a follow on to a bit of research that we were a part of in 2017, receiving the results last summer. It’s vital that we assess if, 18 months down the line, your needs and feelings are still the same.

We understand the necessity of having good Mental Wellbeing and Health in order to succeed at Solent.

“Doing well at university is intimately related to being well, and mental ill-health significantly compromises the ability of students to cope with, and keep up with, the demands of their studies.”

Therefore, it is vital you help us to further understand your Mental Wellbeing, to inform our decisions and how we tackle Mental Health at Solent.

If you want to start a conversation about Mental Health with your course mates or the people you live with, please feel free to use this survey- whether you’re asking your flatmate whether they’ve filled it in whilst you’re both cooking your dinner, or telling them you didn’t expect them to share a link on Facebook.



For more information on the University's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, go to

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