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Your 2020 Sabbatical Officers


There are two types of Democratic Representatives, Sabbatical Officers and Student Officers.

Your Sabbatical Officers work full-time from the Students' Union and are accountable to you. They are ordinary students who are elected by you to lead the direction of the Union. They are here to ensure that your Students Union is always working to support your needs.

Your Student Officers are voluntary roles elected to represent specific areas of the Solent Community. We feel this is the best way to represent the diverse nature of our members and give everyone a say in the running of their Students’ Union.


University Committees Logo

Democratic Representatives sit on University committees and ensure that your voice has an input into the decisions made

 Students Involved Logo

Democratic Representatives take responsibility for ensuring you remain at the heart of the Students’ Union

Local Representatives Logo

Democratic Representatives regularly meet with representatives from local charities and organisations to discuss issues



Click on the Sabbatical Officers to see their manifesto progress and which Student Officers they are responsible for supporting




About Student Officers

Student Officers represent their defined group by campaigning both locally and nationally, working with students and the Students’ Union to ensure representation and liberation for all. By sitting on Student Council, Student Officers can hold our Sabbatical team to account, and make sure the voices of those they represent are heard.