Student Council

Student Council is a representative forum of the Students' Union and the student's voice. Its function is to hold the Sabbatical Officer team to account and pass motions put forward by students. It is supported yearly by our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

As a student, what can I do?


Student Council is an opportunity for you to:

  • Bring motions to be voted on by the Council.
  • Hear reports from Officers on the work they have been doing
  • Elect an independent Chair and Deputy Chair. 
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Board of Trustees
  • Hold elected officers to account. 
  • With the Trustee Board, approve amendments to the Bye-Laws. 


How do Students Submit Motions?

Any student can submit a motion to Student Council by completing the online form linked to below. A motion is where someone brings to Student Council an issue or proposal they want to be discussed. Each motion requires a proposer and seconder and either the proposer or seconder must attend the Student Council meeting where the motion is discussed to explain it.
Submit Motion Here


What is the role of the Chair at the Student Council?

The Chair is an independent student volunteer who leads the Council, with no conflicts of interest from any other elected role. The Chair is responsible for maintaining order, curtailing debates that get out of hand, and casting the deciding vote if there is a tie.

This is a great opportunity for you to have a positive impact on your time at University by supporting students and making sure their voice is heard and playing a key role in maintaining the democratic accountability of the Union. It is also a fantastic way to develop your leadership and meeting skills, and gain extra-curricular experience.


Who can vote at the Student Council?

All students are welcome to attend and put forward a motion at the Student Council. However, only Student Officers, the Sonar Media Rep, RAG Rep and Societies Council rep have voting privileges.


Minutes and Meetings

Please find the most recent Student Council minutes below:




31st October 5 - 7 pm

28th November 5 - 7 pm


30th January 5 - 7 pm

27th February 5 - 7 pm

17th April 5 - 7 pm


If you have any questions about Student Council or want to get involved please contact the Student Involvement Department on email at or by phone on 0238 201 6433.



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