Election Rules – Spring 2019

In addition to the Articles of Association and Bye Laws of Solent Students’ Union all candidates and people acting on candidates behalf must abide by the following rules:

1. Treat all students and staff with respect:

1.1. Candidates must behave in a professional, honest and ethical way.

1.2. All candidates must respect each other’s right to not be personally attacked.

1.3. Campaign material must not discriminate against any individual or group.

1.4. All candidates must act in the interests of a fair election.

2. All candidates are liable for the actions of anyone acting on their behalf:

2.1. Candidates will be held responsible if a member of their team breaks any of the election rules.

2.2. If someone does something which could be seen as being in a candidate’s name but was not authorised by them they must inform the returning officer immediately.

2.3. If candidates “sack” the team member and then tell us about their behaviour then we may be able to consider the matter closed.

3. Registering votes:

3.1. No student may be pressured into voting a particular way by a candidate. They must have the opportunity to make an independent choice as to how they register their vote.

3.2. Votes may only be registered at official Solent Students’ Union polling booths or by students independently accessing the voting website.

3.3. Candidate’s smartphones may not be used by students to submit votes.

3.4. Candidates may not campaign near polling stations or physically enter a student’s vote.

4. Breach of Rules:

4.1. All breach of election rules will be dealt with by the Returning Officer as per the Bye Laws.

4.2. Sanctions may include disqualification from the election.

5. Breach of Regulations:

5.1. The Students’ Union Articles of Association and Bye-Laws must be followed at all times and any breach of these governing documents may result in disqualification.

5.2. These are available online here:

6. Don’t Break University Rules:

6.1. Don’t campaign in the library.

6.2. Don’t place campaign materials in the Spark, apart from on designated noticeboards.

6.3. Estates have the right to take down any campaign materials.

6.4. Don’t bring animals on to any campus.

The Student Handbook outlines university policy, and can be found on Portal.

7. Don’t Break The Law:

7.1. Don’t place campaign materials on public property, such as roads or in the park.

7.2. Don’t cause harm or offence to any other person.

8. Don’t Run As A Slate:

8.1. Candidates must not run in a slate (as a team) but can campaign together.

8.2. Candidates must not pool campaign budgets or materials.

9. Campaign Budget and Expenses:

9.1. All candidates can only spend up to the following amounts:

  • £20 for Sabbatical Officer Elections.
  • £5 for Student Officer Elections.
  • £5 for NUS Delegate Elections.

9.2. Election funds can only be spent on campaign materials (Not food and drink for yourself).

9.3. It is assumed all candidates have access to stationary, paper and cardboard.

9.4. All expenses must have an itemised till receipt showing clearly what each expense is for.

9.5. Receipts for candidate expenses must be brought with their Student Card to the Students’ Union Finance Office no later 12pm on the 14th of March.

9.6. Candidates must provide their bank account number and sort code so payments can be made directly into the candidates’ bank accounts.

9.7. Any discrepancies will be reported to the Returning Officer and may lead to the disqualification of candidates from the election.


For further information or support email:

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