Your Union Officers for 2020/21


These rules should be read in conjunction with the Articles of Association and Bye-Laws of Solent Students’ Union. They must be abided by all people participating part in an election.

1. Participants:

1.1. Participants in an election must:

  • Treat all students and staff with respect
  • Behave in a professional, honest and ethical way
  • Comply with the Students’ Union Articles of Association and Bye-Laws

1.2. Participants in an election must not:

  • Make personal attacks against candidates and campaigns
  • Breach Solent University rules
  • Break the Law

1.3. All candidates are liable for the actions of anyone acting on their behalf.

2. Campaigning:

2.1. Campaigning may take place online, in person or through campaign materials.

2.2. Campaigns must not:

  • Discriminate against any individual or group
  • Place campaign materials on public property
  • Bring animals onto campus
  • Damage surfaces or property

2.3. No campaigning may take place in the library.

2.4. Campaign materials should only be placed in designated spaces around campus. The university maintains the right to take down any campaign materials in unsuitable locations.

2.5. Candidates must not share campaign materials.

2.6. Campaigners may only use mailing lists where lawful to do so. In most cases, this will require the consent of the members on the list to use their details.

3. Budget & Expenses:

3.1. Candidates may only spend and claim back up to £20 for Sabbatical Officer elections and £5 for Student Officer elections or NUS Delegate elections

3.2. Election funds can only be spent on campaign materials and not personal expenses.

3.3. It is assumed all candidates have access to stationary, paper, sticky tac and cardboard. All other campaign materials will need to be declared to the Deputy Returning Officer by the specified time.

3.4. Candidates cannot spend above these amounts on their campaign. Any discrepancies will be reported to the Returning Officer and may lead to the disqualification from the election.

3.5. Candidates must declare their election expenditure even they have not spent any money.

3.6. To claim back election expenditure candidates must submit an Expenses Claim form with itemised till receipts showing clearly what each expense was for by the close of voting.

3.7. Candidates must not share campaign budgets.

4. Registering Votes:

4.1. Students must not be pressured into voting a particular way.

4.2. Votes may only be registered through either:

  • Designated Solent Students’ Union voting stations
  • Students independently accessing the voting website

4.3. Candidate’s devices may not be used by students to submit votes.

4.4. No campaigning may take place near voting stations.

4.5. Any electronic device which is used to cast a vote in the election shall be considered a ballot box.

5. Clubs & Societies:

5.1. Clubs and societies must allow candidates the same opportunities to promote themselves.

5.2. Clubs and societies may only endorse candidates by majority vote of their membership.

5.3. Media based societies must offer the same opportunities such as interviews to all candidates for each role.

6. External Organisations:

6.1. No external organisation may endorse and campaign on behalf of any candidate in the election.

6.2. Any promotional opportunities offered by an external organisation must be available to all candidates in the election and approved by the Returning Officer.

7. Breach of Rules:

7.1. All breach of election rules will be dealt with by the Returning Officer as per the Bye-Laws.

7.2. Consequence for any breach of rules may include but is not limited to:

  • Disqualification from the election
  • Removal of campaign materials
  • Suspension from campaigning
  • Fines applied to campaign budget
  • Students’ Union disciplinary action

7.3. If an individual does something which could be seen as being in a candidate’s name but was not authorised by them, the candidate must report it immediately. Providing the person responsible is removed from the campaign team it is at the Returning Officer’s discretion as to whether any further action should be taken.

7.4. If an individual who is not part of a campaign team does something which could be seen as being in a candidate’s name but was not authorised by them that individual may face Students’ Union disciplinary action.

For further advice or support please contact:

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