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The Students' Union Advice Centre is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union and is the place to access free, confidential and impartial advice from our Academic Caseworker. Particular specialisms include guiding you through academic appeals, extenuating circumstances, disciplinary panels, Professional Capabilities Process meetings and complaints. The Caseworker also has a good knowledge of internal and community-based support agencies so that you can be signposted to services that are most suited to your situation.

How the Student Advocate can support you during your studies

Academic and Welfare support


Throughout student life, many of us can go through difficult times and can struggle to keep on track, knowing who to turn to and how to solve issues with our studies can be tough. But, our dedicated Students’ Union Advice Service Team will work with you to find the best way forward and support you throughout your time at the university.

Our goal at the Students’ Union is to ensure all students are offered a chance to be heard on issues throughout the university. This is why the Students’ Union Advice Service can come along to University panels or meetings with you, making sure you are treated fairly and given the opportunity to be heard and understood.

If you are looking for advice on a course change or need help with a late submission, we’ll be here to help. If there is ever an issue we can’t help with at the Advice Service, we’ll be able to get you in contact with the right departments within the university, to make things a little easier. The Students’ Union Advice Service is on the ball too; they’ll respond to all communication within 3 working days and is open all year round, even outside of term time.

How can the Student Advocate Assist me during my studies?

  • Representation

If you find yourself in difficulty while at university, you might find it useful to seek help from our caseworker to ensure that you are given an opportunity to raise your points clearly and that you are treated fairly and that your views are respected.

You can be represented in all circumstances that affect your student life such as Academic Misconduct panels, fitness to practice panels and complaints procedures. Our caseworker is employed directly by the Students’ Union and so is able to give act impartially and independently of the university.

  • Access to Services

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get the help you need or even know what help is available to you if you are in need of additional support. Whether you are lacking in confidence or confused about where to go to make informed decisions, the caseworker will be happy to explain your options to you. If our caseworker is unable to assist you directly, she will support you to find someone who can.

  • Planning Campaigns

Health promotion, empowering positive change and amplifying the student's voice are all central elements to the ethos of the SU. The caseworker works closely with VP Welfare and Community - Hanna Head and VP Education - Lewis Cleminson to feedback trends in the issues which students face so that the Sabbatical Officers can set up campaigns accordingly.

It is also part of the advocate's role to promote appropriate opportunities for you to become involved in national campaigns about the issues which interest and matter to you.

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Academic and Welfare Support

The Academic Caseworker works closely with Lewis Cleminson, VP Education and Hanna Head, VP Welfare & Community to help you deal with the academic or welfare concerns you may have.

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  1. I have some concerns but I am scared of people finding out. How do you protect my confidentiality?
  2. I'd like some help, what now?
  3. I would like to be more involved, is there a way I can help other students?

How do you protect my confidentiality?

The Students’ Union understands confidentiality to mean that no information that might lead to the identification of a student using the Advice Service shall be given directly or indirectly to any third party who is external to the elected officers, staff and General Manager without that service user’s prior expressed consent to disclose such information. We believe students have the right to confidentiality and as such, all students who use the service are protected by our confidentiality policy.

The Students’ Union recognises that any breach of confidentiality may damage the reputation of the Students’ Union and therefore has to be treated with extreme caution. However, occasions may arise where elected officers or staff feel that they need to breach confidentiality, for example, if they believe students will cause serious harm to themselves or others. In these circumstances, the elected officer or member of staff would normally seek permission from the student to break confidentiality unless there are also grounds for believing the student is not able to take responsibility for his or her actions or that seeking such permission may substantially worsen the situation.

I would like to be more involved, is there a way I can help other students?

We are always looking to expand work experience opportunities for students within the SU. We would love to hear from you and would be happy to investigate opportunities for you to become more involved with service provision.

Please email for more details.

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