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Your New Student Leaders!

The Elections results are finally in and your representatives for the next academic year have been chosen!

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Thank you all for your patience whilst the Returning Officer has been considering an issue which has delayed the verification of the election results. Unfortunately, a number of candidates did not submit their expenses declaration by the deadline and as this was a breach of election rules, the matter was referred to the Returning Officer.

The Returning Officer made a decision to disqualify all candidates who did not submit their expenses declaration on time and all disqualified candidates have now been informed of the decision.

The election counts are now complete, the results have been verified and we are pleased to announce that the following candidates have been elected to the following positions;


- Work full-time for you -
- Are ordinary students who are elected by you to lead the SU -
- Are responsible for the strategic direction of the Union -
- Ensure that the student voice is considered before decisions made -
- Meet with representatives from local organisations to discuss issues affecting students -
- Take responsibility for ensuring that students remain at the heart of the Students' Union -

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Also, congratulations to the following students who got elected to be Student Officers for the 20/21 academic year
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One of our core values at the Students' Union is trust, that's why we're making the election results available for you to see. Click below to understand how your leaders were elected.



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