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What does VP Education do?

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VP Education

Responsible to: President, Student Council

Responsible for:  Elected Faculty and Course Representative 

Term of Office:  Annually from 4th July until 3rd July

Purpose of the post:             Responsible for representing student membership on all educational matters and a Trustee of the Students’ Union.

1.0 General

·         To be the lead representative of the Union on matters concerning education to the University and other relevant external bodies, including; timetabling and academic misconduct procedures.

·         To be the lead representative for the delivery and continual development of the Course Representative scheme, liaising with the University and co-chairing relevant developmental committees with regards to Course Representatives.

·         To ensure the training of all elected Course Representatives is planned and delivered to a high standard.

·         To work closely with the Chief Executive on the delivery of educational or academic research including the National Student Survey (NSS), and provide advice to the University on behalf of the Students’ Union and the student membership on areas for improvement.

·         To be the lead Sabbatical Officer for Quality Assurance feedback (QAA) and Institutional Reviews if this falls on the year of your election.

·         To take responsibility for running campaigns relating to education.

·         To be the nominated Sabbatical Officer on any relevant University meeting or panel relating to education if nominated by the President.

·         To liaise with the University, other institutions, the National Union of Students (NUS) and any other relevant legislative or regulatory bodies on behalf of the student membership on issues relating to education.

·         To attend relevant local and national conferences, training events and meetings as required.

·         To represent student members and the Students’ Union at Student Experience Committee and any other University meetings or working groups if nominated by the President.

2.0 Sabbatical Officer General Responsibilities

·         To identify and raise any issues relating to students on issues relating to education.

·         To campaign for the rights of students on issues relating to education.

·         Ensure that the needs of students on issues relating to education are reflected through the activities of the Union.

·         To encourage the participation of all students in the Students’ Union.

·         To work in partnership with all Sabbatical and elected Officers.

·         To attend Student Council and produce a report as required.

·         To attend Trustee Board and produce reports as required.

·         To undertake any other duties as may be reasonably required by the President, the student membership and the Students’ Union.

3.0 Eligibility to stand

You must be 16 years of age or older, registered as a student and be studying on an accepted course at

Southampton Solent University.


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