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No Detriment Policy

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Over the last week, we've had several students contact us and the University regarding the No-Detriment Policy that was implemented in the last academic year. Many have raised concerns that online learning could have a negative impact on the quality of their work and would like to see this policy re-introduced. We want you to know that we have heard your concerns and are working with the University on a way forward.

As Sabbatical Officers, we are at the forefront of these conversations, but, as with any changes around assessments and qualifications, it takes time to work through all available options, making sure that no matter the outcome, you will not be disadvantaged by this new teaching landscape. 

We are here for you, to listen to your concerns and to fight for in your corner. If you have any concerns or questions, then please do speak to us either directly by email ( or through your Course Representatives. The Union are only as powerful as our members (You!) make us, so if you want to see positive change happen, we need your support and feedback.


Your Sabbatical Officer Team

Vaios, Ciprian, Fern and Teodor

Solent Students’ Union


Gavin Kapuscinski
6:35pm on 15 Dec 20 Its a shame the no detriment policy is discriminatory against low income students and students from a low income background who cannot stay in Soton due to financial hardship. Meaning access to Uni support and on campus facilities such as the library being limited to those of us forced to move back in with their parents. This means there will be a huge discrepancy between work submitted this year from students with access to the library, and those with only access to the online resources. How is this a positive step forwards exactly? The union has not spoken for all students in this case, and it is massively not acceptable.
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