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We're getting a puppy

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Everyone loves a puppy, right? Well, you guys do so much we were able to raise an incredible £390.20 at the last Student Union Puppy Room in October!

It’s thanks to your generosity, and huge love of puppies, that the Student’ Union are able to sponsor a puppy from Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.

The SU Puppy Rooms have been hugely popular. Popping into the room for a quick cuddle, relax with the four-legged pals and take your mind off of uni work for a while is the perfect way to de-stress.

But with all this puppy love going around, we need your help deciding which little furry friend we are going to sponsor; Juno or Cookie?

Adorable Cockapoo Juno is a mischievous puppy-come-teddy bear, is ready for cuddles and chasing bits of scrunched-up paper (her favourite) whilst completing her training.

Cocker Spaniel Cookie might just be the most determined little bundle of pup you’ll ever meet! No sofa is too high to jump onto, no pocket is too deep to snuffle through; Cookie might be clumsy but she isn’t giving up!

So who will be your SU dog? Juno or Cookie? Click on the link below to vote for your favourite (if you can bring yourself to choose) and we might just get a visit from the winner!


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