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Meet Your Influencers

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Your Influencers (sometimes called Sabbs or Sabbatical Officers) work to improve the student experience for all. They have the power to lobby the university on issues affecting your time at Solent and have the power to make real changes for Solent students’ futures.

So, meet the new team:


David has been a student at Solent University for the past 6 years. He has studied Computer Games, Business IT and more recently, Project Management. He has a long history of helping represent students, being our Disabilities Officer in 2015 and also has been involved in the running of 4 different societies over the years.


Rich was a Student Representative on his undergrad course, Music Promotion and one his MA in Advertising and MMC. Rich says he ran for VP Welfare & Community as they are both areas he holds a massive interest in. He wants to really involve himself in a role where he can fully immerse himself and put his experience to use and meet new people daily. Rich says his friends would probably describe him as: ‘fun, clumsy & knower of useless stuff’.


Rosemary – or Ro – has been heavily involved with the Solent Ravens Cheer & Dance Team throughout her time at Solent. She has a strong interest in food, even running her own Instagram account dedicated to it! Ro has also been part of the Solent Sport Equestrian team.


Mollie studied Film Production at Solent University & has a love for exploring the great outdoors. Her favourite sports are Trampolining and Hockey. Her friends would describe her as: Kind, Humble and Excepting


Things you need to know about your Influencers:

  • They work for you and are accountable to the student body
  • Your Sabbs are ordinary students who are elected by you to lead the SU
  • Sabbs work full-time
  • Sabbs are responsible for the strategic direction of the Union

Ways they represent you:

  • At University Level: Sabbs sit on university committees and ensure that the student voice has an input into the decisions made
  • In the Community: Sabbs regularly meet with representatives from local charities and organisations to discuss issues that affect students
  • At the Union: Sabbs take responsibility for ensuring students remain at the heart of the Students’ Union

Your Students’ Union is looking forward to helping support your new Influencers make a positive impact at Solent. If you want to contact your new Influencers, head to this page for more information.


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