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VP Engagement & Employability 2018/19 Candidates

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Last month your Union started the journey to welcoming your new Sabbatical Officers for 2018/19. Today we start the next stage and bring you the candidates for Vice President Engagement & Employability 2018/19. One of these candidates will be elected to office and represent Solent Students from July 2018 to June 2019, alongside your other elected representatives (more information on them HERE). So without further ado; here are your candidates running to become your next VP Engagement & Employability:

  • Bart Guinane
  • Hannah Moloney
  • Hannah Siddons
  • Leah White
  • Rosemary Tomlin-Wills

The position of VP Employability and Engagement is an integral part of your Students’ Union. The varied position will put one of these candidates at the heart of the Union’s societies and employability opportunities for students in the local area.

As with all Sabbatical Officers, the VP Employability and Engagement works to improve the student experience for all. They will have the power to lobby the university on all matters relating to student employability and engagement, and the power to make real changes for Solent students’ futures. Day to day, the VP Employability and Engagement, would be the lead representative of the Union on issues affecting societies, volunteering and other employment opportunities including placements and work experience. The role really is about helping students enjoy their time at Solent and feel ready for the next adventure after graduating.

We have lots of opportunities for you to find out more about your candidates coming up, including Question Time and campus campaigning throughout voting week. You can send in your candidate questions or concerns via THIS form and they will answer LIVE over on our Facebook Page.

Voting opens on Friday 27th April online at THIS link.


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