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VP Employability and Engagement By-Election: The Results

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Last week was a big time for your Students’ Union. With candidates for VP Engagement & Employability campaigning and the voting booth in full swing, Students’ Union staff were out on campus, armed with voting tablets & doughnuts (they went down well) for your VP E&E By-Election.

At the end of the week, one of the candidates would be elected to office and represent Solent Students from July 2018 to June 2019. They will be working alongside your other elected representatives, to help improve your time at Solent, in this hugely important role.

It was great to see so many students engaged in their Students’ Union and the democratic process; in total 563 students voted during the election.

Let’s break down how the counting process went on results night:

  • In the first round Re-Open Nominations (RON) was removed and its votes reassigned.
  • In the second round candidate Hannah Moloney was removed and her votes reassigned.
  • In the third round candidate Leah White was removed and her votes reassigned.

In the final round, between two candidates Ro Tomlin-Wills & Hannah Siddons, one candidate won by 5 votes. So, without further ado; your next Vice President Engagement & Employability 2018/19 is:

Rosemary (Ro) Tomlin-Wills

The position of VP Employability and Engagement is an integral part of your Students’ Union. This varied position will put Ro at the heart of the Union’s societies and employability opportunities for students in the local area.


Huge congratulations to Ro Tomlin-Wills for becoming our fourth elected Sabbatical Officer 2018/19. We want to thank every student who has voted in this year’s elections.


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