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VP Employability & Enagement, Naomi Fry, Manifesto

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So what is a manifesto? Well, it's simple really. A manifesto is a public declaration of policy and aims, issued before an election. On a national scale this may be by a political party but as part of Sabbatical Officer Elections, it's by an individual. The manifesto is what a candidate uses to help convince voters that they are the right person for the job and they are worthy of a vote.

Back in March Solent students voted Naomi Fry as the VP Employability and Engagement for the 17/18 academic year. Here is her manifesto;



MANIFESTO 2017/2018

Hey! I'm Naomi and over the past three years I've been a Television Post-Production Student at Solent. I'm also currently the President of Sonar Film Cinema, the Treasurer of Sonar Magazine and a Student Trustee, so I know what's going on in the Student's Union!

I believe the extracurricular things you do help shape you as a person and whether you have a little or a lot of time to give, doing that little bit extra to help yourself and/or others is invaluable.

Elect me, and this is what I will be doing...



I will:

Organise CV/LinkedIn Workshops

…which will be clear and useful. Need your CV checked over or want some advice on how to effectively network on social media? No problem!

Appoint Volunteering Ambassadors

…giving students the opportunity to take charge of volunteering trips and other activities, means students have a voice.

Arrange No Strings Volunteering

...Can’t commit to anything long term but still want to help people out? This’ll give you the chance to dabble and gain experience/help others without the obligation of giving more time than you can.



I will:

Encourage Collaborations

…and give societies/society members more experience in their craft on a professional level. Why should the University and Union hire in when they have a pool of talented students available? Societies should be valued and gain an income from their skills.

Arrange a Society of the Week Publication 

…so students can hear about all the different active societies and their achievements/events throughout the year.

Establish More Societies Promotion

…because it's a constant society struggle! Let’s get your promo on the screens for all to see!



I will:

Boost the Publication of Student and Societies Councils

…and make their when and where, clearer! All students are welcome to attend and engage in their democratic rights, so all students should hear about the meetings.

Schedule Regular Sabbatical Officer Check-In Sessions

…so you can chat in an honest open forum, about the things going on within the University and the Student’s Union.


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