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Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer during Student Volunteering Week

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Volunteering is one of those things a lot of us have probably always wanted to get involved with but just didn’t know how. If you’re not sure where to find volunteering opportunities or aren’t sure what to expect from volunteering, then you’re not alone. The idea of volunteering your time in a strange place, with new people, learning new skills, can be a daunting one.

So this is why Solent Students’ Union are getting involved in Student Volunteering Week 2018. The national week is an initiative to help get lots of students across the country into volunteering. In this post, we are going to run through the top 5 reasons why we think you should be part of Student Volunteering Week 2018.


When we asked you for your feedback about the Students’ Union, one of the things you asked for were more ways to make Solent students employable. Volunteering is one of the best ways to make your CV stand out from the crowd. This is why we’ve made it our mission to provide you guys with more volunteering opportunities! We have also found that lots of employers value candidates who have volunteering experience higher than those who don’t. Not only is volunteering fun, but it also demonstrates a good work ethic, an eagerness to learn and skills development. Taking part in a volunteering project, even for a short while, could be the ticket to that post-graduate job you’re after.

Meeting New People

One of the things volunteering does better than anything else is to help you meet new people. Volunteering projects bring together people from all walks of life, and it’s common to make new friends whilst working alongside them. You might also find you build a relationship with the people your time is benefiting. Wherever it comes from; volunteering is an easy way to meet new people with similar interests.

Challenging Yourself

Whilst most volunteering projects are fun and relaxed, it is still a personal achievement taking part in a project. If you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself, outside of your studies, then volunteering is the perfect thing! It might be challenging yourself to commit to a project for a few days, or pushing yourself to try something new. As we said in our ‘Things to Avoid in 2018’ article earlier this year, we are trying to have more new experiences this year – so volunteering is exactly what we were looking for!

Joining a Community

As a student, it can often be hard to really join the community in the city you are studying in. Volunteering is an excellent way to get involved in the community around you. Not only will you feel part of the community in Southampton, but you will also join an exciting community of volunteers. Joining this community, and making friends along the way, will also make it easier to come along to future volunteering projects – so it’s a win-win!

Having a Positive Impact

Often the projects we run through the Students’ Union have a lasting impact on the community we are helping. Having projects to join, which don’t just help in the short term, but actually go on to improve people’s lives is the aim. Take for example the Glen Lee Painting Project in the second week of Student Volunteering Week; this is a project that will go on to benefit not only the current residents of Glen Lee but also brighten up the environment for years to come and be beneficial for others coming to Glen Lee in the future.

If we’ve convinced you that volunteering is for you then join the Student Volunteering Week 2018 Facebook event for upcoming opportunities. We are also asking you to share your experiences and thoughts on volunteering using the hashtag #SVWSolent on Twitter!


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