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Things to Avoid in 2018

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We're making 2018 our year! So first up, here are a few things we're trying to get rid of in 2018...

Stop avoiding New Experiences

Trying new things is always scary. No matter how confident or adventurous you are, stepping into a new situation can be hard. But, by pushing yourself to try a new experience may lead to you finding your new hobby or meeting new friends.

Bad Netflix Shows

Netflix has one of the largest selections of online entertainment – and yet, if you’re like us, you go back to the same shows time & time again? Set yourself a challenge in 2018, to think outside your normal Netflix box & try watching something new. HERE’s a list of some of the great new shows on offer throughout January!

A Negative Outlook

This seems like a pretty basic one; no one likes a moaner. This year we’re challenging ourselves to have a more positive outlook & would love for you to try it too. If that means brushing off a project that didn’t quite work out or trusting in those closest to us a little more; losing the negative outlook will hopefully bring a happier & more successful 2018.

Harmful Social Media

As we talked about in our ‘5 New Year’s Resolutions to Try’ post, social media doesn’t always make us feel better about ourselves. So this year we’re making the resolution to unfollow those putting us down, stopping comparing ourselves to others & cleaning up our feeds.

Last Minute Panics

Although planning sounds very boring, it’s one of those things that actually works. Putting in a little bit of planning before starting a project can often be the key to success. If it’s grabbing yourself a paper diary from Poundland, or downloading a planning app (like our favourite HERE), find a way to make planning work for you & achieve your goals in 2018.

So are there things you're avoiding in 2018? Let us know on our Twitter! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends using the sharing buttons below. 


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