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The Role Of SU President

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But what does the Students' Union President do?



Responsible to: The Board of Trustees, Student Council


Responsible for: Sabbatical Officers, Chief Executive, Student Officers


Term of Office:  Annually from 4th July until 3rd July


Purpose of the post:             To be the primary spokesperson for the Students’ Union

                                    and Chair of the Board of Trustees, with ultimate

                                    responsibility for all Union activities, providing political

                                    leadership to the organisation and coordinating the work of

                                    all elected Officers.

1.0 General


·         To be the lead Officer for the continued development of the Union’s strategy and liaise with the Chief Executive to provide overall leadership of the Union.

·         To provide day to day line management of the Sabbatical Officer team and be responsible for ensuring training needs are met in order to assist them in achieving their aims.

·         To provide team leadership of the elected Student Officers and be responsible for ensuring training needs of the team are met in order to assist them in achieving their aims.

·         To provide oversight of the work of the Chief Executive including coordination of their annual appraisal through the Board of Trustees.

·         To liaise with the University, other institutions, the National Union of Students (NUS) and any other relevant legislative or regulatory bodies on behalf of the student membership.

·         To liaise with the Chief Executive on the production on the annual budget, including presentation and ratification by the Board of Trustees and at the Annual General Meeting.

·         To work closely with the Chief Executive to establish and monitor implementation of management priorities to ensure the Union is legally compliant at all times, including ensuring reputational risk management.

·         To take responsibility for running any priority campaign not undertaken by any other member of Officer Committee.

·         To attend relevant local and national conferences, training events and meetings as required.

·         To be a member of the University Board of Governors.

·         To represent student members and the Students’ Union at University meetings including Student Experience Sub Committee, and any other relevant meetings or working groups.

·         To represent the Students’ Union at, and open the annual Graduation ceremonies.

·         To be the lead delegate for Solent Students’ Union at the NUS National Conference.


2.0 Communication


·         To be the primary spokesperson for the Union to the student membership, the University and the external community, including the National Union of Students (NUS).

·         To ensure the internal communications of the Union are maintained to a high standard.

·         To be the main point of contact for the media, both student and external.


3.0 Democracy


·         To Chair monthly Officer Committee meetings.

·         To attend and ensure attendance of elected Officers at Student Council.

·         To ensure democratic process are followed in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bye Laws of the Union.

·         To maintain a Policies Register for student members in accordance with Bye Law 2.


4.0 Sabbatical Officer General Responsibilities


·         To identify and raise any issues relating to students.

·         To campaign for the rights of students.

·         Ensure that the needs of students are reflected through the activities of the Union.

·         To encourage the participation of all students in the Students’ Union.

·         To work in partnership with all Sabbatical and elected Officers.


3.0 Eligibility to stand

You must be 16 years of age or older, registered as a student and be studying on an accepted course at

Southampton Solent University in the academic year 2016/17.


For more information about the role you can contact current Students' Union president, Megan Maddex, or Student Involvement.



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