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#StudentsDeserveBetter Letter Templates

We know that you are faced with so many challenges at the moment, so we’ve put together some resources to support you in making sure your voice is heard.

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We know that you are faced with so many challenges at the moment, so we’ve put together some resources to support you in making sure your voice is heard.  

Included in this pack are: 

  • MP Template Letter: We encourage all students to use the template letter to send to your local MP urging them to support the #StudentsDeserveBetter campaign, you could also ask your family to join you in doing this. Your Sabbatical Officers have sent this letter to Alan Whitehead in Southampton, you can see their letter at the bottom of this article.

  • Housing Template Letters: For those in private rented accommodation there are template letters to send to your landlords regarding rent reduction, contract termination and financial difficulties. 

  • A link to sign the Students Deserve Better petition from NUS.  


How to use the letters: 

Letter to your local MP -  

  1. Download the template letter here

  2. Replace the fields highlighted in yellow with your own information 

  1. Save the document 

  1. Click here to find out who your local MP is 

  1. Send them an email including the letter 

And you’re done! 


If you’re in private rented housing these letters are for you -  

  1. Download the relevant letter template here:

  2. Replace the fields highlighted in yellow with your own information 

  1. Save the document 

  1. Send it to your landlord 

  1. Await their response 

If you need any further help you can always contact the University Accommodation Team for advice. 

University Run Halls 

The University has taken the decision to provide rent credits for those in University-managed accommodation. 

Students who left halls for the winter break and have not yet been able to return will be credited for their accommodation payments between 4 January and 21 February. Those students who have already returned will receive a 30% discount on their payments for the same period. All halls residents should have already received an email setting out the details of what this means for their account - but if you have any questions please contact the Accommodation Team directly. 

They plan to review this following the Government evaluation of lockdown measures due to take place during the week of 15 February and will provide an update then. 

Private Halls 

At present, 2 halls providers are offering partial refunds on accommodation: 

Unite Students: Students can get a 50% discount off their rent for a total of four weeks - but crucially, you have to apply for it. You'll also get an extra four weeks rent-free added to your tenancy. Details can be found here

Student Roost: Students can get a refund for six weeks' worth of rent - but again, you need to apply for this discount. Details can be found here


Take care, 

Your Sabbatical Officer Team 






Vaios Koukouletsos 

SU President 

Ciprian Chiru 

Head of Student Education 

Fern Anyan 

Head of Student Engagement 

Teodor Mitsev 

Head of Student Wellbeing 



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