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Student Election Results 2019/20

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Every year, your Union run Student Elections, to let Solent students decide who will be your representatives at Solent University. Student Officers champion your voice within the university, Students' Union and the wider community.

Over the last few weeks, your peers have been preparing, campaigning and talking to you; in an attempt to secure your votes. Following an amazing results night last night, we are pleased to announce your 2019/20 Student Officers! A massive well done to everyone who nominated themselves, your passion and drive were next to none, during a very intense week.
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The core role of a School Representative is to represent all of the students and Course Representatives from their respective school at Solent university. They ensure that your voices are hears, liaising with the University and consulting with you to identify any issues being faced by current students.

School Representatives also attend Academic Board, Student Board and host Course Rep Forums.


Every year, the the NUS' National Conference brings together nearly a thousand delegates from students' unions across the country to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership of the organisation for the year ahead. Each year, Solent Students' Union sends 3 delegates to this conference, to represent the views and voices of Solent Students on a national level.
All of the elected Student Officers sit on your Union's Student Council, making decisions and debating on the direction of the Union. The voice of the Student Officers is the voice of the students, so let them know what your priorities are and get in contact with them.


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