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Solent Decides - An Update from Your SU President

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Thank you everyone for either running or voting in Solent Decides this autumn!

Unfortunately, there has been a process error in one of the positions which resulted in one of the candidates being unfairly disadvantaged. The matter was referred to the Returning Officer who ruled that the election was not fair to all candidates so the Events Officer position voting period should be re-started. 


The candidates standing for Events Officer will remain the same and you will be able to find information on their manifestos on our website.

Voting for the Events Officer position will open from Monday 2 November at 9am until next Friday 6 November at 3pm and you will be able to vote from the website or the app.

I would like to apologise on behalf of the election team for this issue. This will not affect the other positions in Solent Decides, and those results will be released on Monday as planned. 

Vaios Koukouletsos 

SU President 


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