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Solent Decides - 2022/2023 results annoucement!

Middle text reads 'The Votes Are In' with arrows pointing to the right. The colours used are Solent

And the results you've all been waiting for are in! We are delighted to announce who you have elected to represent Solent students for 2022/2023. A huge congratulations to our Elected Officers and a massive thank you to all our candidates for running in this years' elections!

A full breakdown of each positions' count will be available for sharing soon. 

Sabbatical Officers

  • SU President - Winston Alla

  • Head of Student Education - Stefania David

  • Head of Student Engagement - Catherine Eager

  • Head of Student Wellbeing - Steph Stangroom

NUS Delegates

  • NUS Delegates - Bianca Capatina and Adelina Loghin

Student Officers

  • Disabilities Students' Officer - Rosie Pearson

  • Enviromental Students' Officer - Lorinc Doleschall

  • Housing Students' Officer - Elizaveta Bondarenko

  • International Students' Officer (EU) - Marco Kedees

  • International Students' Officer (NON EU) - Kiara Lencka

  • Mature Students' Officer - Leigh Annell

  • Mental Health Campaigns Officer - Cat Scammell

  • Post Graduates Students' Officer - Chizoba Rita Enechukwu

  • Trans+ Students' Officer - Aoife Pendry

  • Warash Maritime Academy (WMA) Liasion Officer - Stephen Strowger

  • Widening Class Participation Students' Officer - Erin Dowling-Steele 

  • Women's Officer - Bailey Foreman


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