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Simple Last Minute Exam Tips

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We’ll be the first ones to tell you not to leave exam prep to the last minute (like in this article). But if you’re looking for a few ‘final hour’ tips, we’ve got you covered:

Handwrite your Notes

A great way to go over your key points, the day before an exam, is to handwrite them. Although handwriting takes a little longer, there is more chance that you’ll retain the information by putting pen to paper. Try it with just a few key points or the notes you’re struggling to remember.

Make Post-It Notes

The week of your exam, try putting Post-It notes around the house. Write down the most important information and then put the Post-It’s anywhere you’ll stop to read them. It could be above the sink for whilst you’re brushing your teeth, or on the fridge to read before you grab a snack! The more often you read something, the more likely you’ll remember it.

Hide your Electronic Devices

If your exam is fast approaching, try to revise for a set amount of time without looking at your mobile, laptop, tablet or TV. Spending some time without any tech distractions each day in the lead up to the exam can help you concentrate, sleep better and feel more prepared.

Reward Yourself

If you’re struggling to keep focused this close to the exam, try having small treats along the way. Try having things like snacks, your favourite song or time talking to friends lined up for when you finish a certain page or revision section. Keeping that motivation going towards the end of revision can be tough, but setting goals and having small rewards as you reach them can spur you on.


Cutting out sleep in order to revise more will probably have a negative effect on your exam prep. Often, you’ll remember less and be more easily distracted if you’re tired. Make sure you still get a good night’s sleep when revising; especially the night before your exam! Go to sleep and feel ready and fresh for the day ahead.

Exam time is always very difficult for everyone, so if you would like extra support, please contact your VP Welfare & Community Hanna at: or our Advice Service at:


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