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Saying Goodbye to your Sabbatical Officers 17/18

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During their time at your Students’ Union, your Sabbatical Officers 17/18 have made a huge impact on the lives of many students at Solent University. Your VP Welfare & Community Hanna Head has been praised during her time as VP for her compassion in difficult situations and for her welcoming nature. Your VP Employability & Engagement Naomi Fry brought to the role her passion for improving the future of Solent University students and she fiercely pursued a better student experience for all. Your VP Education Lewis Cleminson let his passion for student representation shine through in everything he did throughout his time at Solent SU and fought tirelessly for the best academic experience Solent University can offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Sabbatical Officers 17/18 achievements:

Eradication of fees for guest tickets at the Graduation Ceremony 2018

A recent, and most memorable victory for your Sabbatical Officers 17/18, would have to be the eradication of fees for guest tickets at the Graduation Ceremony 2018. Your Sabb team worked with the university’s Vice Chancellors Group to ensure there would be no fee for a guest ticket to Graduation 2018. It is this sort of lobbying, fighting for what students want and ensuring your voice is heard that makes your Sabbatical Officers so powerful. Your Sabbatical Officers 17/18 fought for a change you wanted to see and won; making a difference to each and every graduate this summer.

Mental Health Support

Your Sabbatical Officers 17/18 have always supported events and policy changes to improve the lives of those suffering from mental illness at Solent University. Some of the best examples of this are their roles in the Happy Café event, Pop Up Unions and the organisation of Puppy Room. These events saw your 17/18 Sabbatical Officers speaking to students about their first-hand experience with mental health struggles at the university. If it was reassuring students at the stress-busting Puppy Room or lending an ear at Pop Up Union, your Sabbatical Officers 17/18 have been at the forefront of your Union’s mental health support.

Free Printing

Before she left at Christmas former SU President Megan Maddex arranged for the Students’ Union’s free printing service. The remaining Sabbatical Officer team oversaw the installation and unveiled it in the new year. Sabbatical Officers 17/18 know that course expenses, such as printing, can add unnecessary pressure on students during their studies & so wanted to help with this. The free printing service has been a huge success, with hundreds of students already using the printer located on the 1st floor of the Students’ Union.

Giving Back to the Community

Your 17/18 Sabbatical Officers made it their mission this year to help Solent University students give back to the local and national community. They got their hands dirty painting a common room at Glen Lee Care Home with other students, they sported fetching jumpers for Christmas Jumper Day, they raised money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People at Puppy Room…the list goes on!

Celebrating You

One of the most important roles of any Sabbatical Officer is to recognise and celebrate student achievements. Your Sabbatical Officers 17/18 organised events, supported by your Students’ Union, to celebrate societies, students, teaching staff and student groups. The huge Union Awards event saw guests dressed to impress and was an amazing evening of celebration and recognition. This year’s daytime STAR Awards event helped Solent students thank and reward teaching staff for their contributions to the student experience.


We would be here all day if we went on to list all the things your Sabbatical Officers 17/18 took part in, organised and lobbied for during their time at the head of your Students Union, so we’re going to leave it there. The Solent Students’ Union team are going to miss working with Hanna, Naomi and Lewis; but we’re excited to see them go onto their next chapter, thank them for all their hard work and wish them all the best.

Your new Sabbatical Officers 18/19 will be taking up their positions any day now and we can’t wait to see how this new team will help represent students at Solent University. You can find out more about your Sabbatical Team 18/19 in this article.


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