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Protecting Your Valuables

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As we move into halls and our new student homes, most of us are bringing with us tech, such as laptops, that we want to keep safe. So that’s why at this time of year, especially, it’s good to take a couple of extra steps to keep your valuables safe.

Unfortunately, students are often prime targets for theft.

Hidden from View

Nine times out of ten, theft is a crime of opportunity. If valuables aren’t in plain view, this could potentially stop opportunists from taking your items.  Try having a box under your bed you are able to put your laptop into as you leave your room, rather than leaving it on your desk. Or make sure you take any valuables with you from the car, so that someone cannot peer in & make an easy getaway.


Most of us take some sort of tech with us on the go. So having the right case to protect things like laptops, cameras and tablets is important. We would recommend cases which are splash and shockproof, helping keep your new kit safe.  

Mark your Belongings

It might be a good idea of marking your belongings with an identifiable sticker or your initials. Taking this extra step will help just in case something does get lost; making it easier to be returned to you.  

Backup Protection Too

It isn’t just physical loss you have to be careful of, but also the loss of digital work. Making a regular backup of everything important on your laptop or computer will help safeguard your projects. It’s important to backup on something separate to your computer; which is why we stock memory sticks & hard drives on our online John Smith’s Student Store.  

Lock doors

Locking doors seems like a simple one. But, a lot of us will chance it, or forget if we are just popping out for a couple of minutes. Locking your halls door or your front door every time you leave is one of the best actions you can take to keep your valuables in and thieves out.

Check the Safety of a Property for Rent

Unfortunately, there are a lot of landlords out there who don’t keep their properties in the best condition. So when you are next looking at a potential rental, check simple security areas such as windows having locks, a shed with a lock or good outside lighting before you sign.

Report Crimes Immediately

If at any point you believe something has been stolen, for the best chance of having it returned to you – report the crime immediately.  Reporting a crime as soon as it happens gives a much higher chance of the police or university being able to retrieve your items.

Don’t Leave Bikes Outside  

Try to avoid having to leave bikes outside. As we said at the start, a lot of thefts happen because they are easy opportunities for criminals. Storing a bike inside might be a pain, but it might just be the key to keeping it safe.

We hope during your time at Solent you'll never have to worry about your valuables, but it is always good to take steps to protect them just in case. 


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