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Notice of Election

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Student Officer Elections 2021 



In adherence to Bye-Law 6.4.2 of Southampton Solent University Students’ Union, I hereby announce the notice for the election of Student Officers for the academic year 2021/2022. 


This notice contains the following information:  

  1. Positions in which nominations are invited for:  

  • Apprentice Officer 

  • BME Officer  

  • Carer Students Officer 

  • Disabilities Officer

  • Environmental Officer 

  • Faulty Reps for Business, Law and Digital Technology 

  • Faculty Reps for Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering  

  • Faculty Reps for Sport, Health and Social Sciences 

  • Faculty Reps for Warsash  

  • Housing Students Officer 

  • LGBT+ Students Officer 

  • Men’s Health Students Officer 

  • Night Life Students Officer 

  • Disabilities Students Officer 

  • Physical Activities Officer 

  • Postgraduate Students Officer 

  • Religion and Faith Students Officer 

  • Trans+ Student Officer 

  • Warsash Maritime Academy Liaison Officer  

  • Widening Participation Officer


  1. Key Election Dates: 

Nominations Period:  28th September (12pm) – 19th October (23:59pm) 

Campaigning Period:  25th October (10am) – 1st November (3pm)  

Voting Period: 25th October (10am) – 1st November (3pm)  


  1. Details of who is eligible to nominate and vote: 

All full Members (as per Bye Law 1.1.1) of Solent Students’ Union are eligible to participate in elections and referendums. Associate Members (as per Bye Law 1.1.2), Reciprocal Members (as per Bye Law 1.1.3) and students who have opted out of Students’ Union membership cannot participate in any democratic processes of the Students’ Union or election.  


  1. Where to get further information:  

A Nominations pack, detailing of the nominations process and election resources are available online at:  


  1. How to Vote: 

Voting will take place online at:  


Vaios Koukouletsos, 

SU President 

28th September 2021 


Enquiries about the election should be directed to: 


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