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Meet Megan, your SU President

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Megan Elizabeth Maddex

Where are you from originally? 
Torquay in South Devon

What did you study at Uni?
BA Hons Media Culture and Production

Why did you choose to study that course?
I always loved Media at school and wanted to study a broad range of media platforms and skills

Why did you run to be SU President?
 I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and always loved working with my lecturers to make the most out of uni 

What is the best thing about being SU president?
The little wins you get to make peoples' experience at uni better and working with the vcg to help them to understand how to put students at the front of all their actions

What is the worst thing about being SU president?
Not enough students know how much we do for them and I'd love to be able to speak to each individual student and know exactly what they need from their uni! 

What did you enjoy most about your time at Solent?
 All the opportunities were amazing, I got to take on lots of new experiences and meet lots of different people and the uni staff are all lovely

Whats your hot drink of choice?
 Random? I love PSLs, yep I'm that person, but also mulled wine. I did disappeared on my uni trip to Berlin on the search for mulled wine

Tell us one interesting fact?
When I was younger I wanted to become an animator so I could work for Aardman Animations 

If you could change one thing about Southampton what would it be?
I'd place the city of Southampton in South Devon because although there's the New Forest, I'd quite like beach and moors surrounding me


Ketchup or mayonnaise on chips?


Favourite colour?


Favourite band/artist? There's too many in different genres cause I love music so much, but I am really into Wolf Alice and other similar alternative music bands


Favourite film? Dirty Dancing

What was the best thing about your course?
The lecturers were the best thing about my course. They have soo so much expertise, but also so many connections to help us get experience. I couldn't have achieved a first without my tutors. One had made us a spreadsheet which showed us what we needed to achieve to get the final grade we wanted. They were also always answering Facebook messages and emails


One top tip for students?
 Don't be afraid to meet your tutor for extra help, they are there to provide you with knowledge, so make sure you always get them to check drafts before you submit your work!

Dream job, other than being SU president?
Travel the world and critic the food! or be in a successful rock band...

What skill would you like to master?
I would like to be able to become a fantastic public speaker and be able to master any instrument

If you could go back to one point in your life and relive it when and why?
 I'd go back to school and try to be more confident and outgoing, because one thing which I've carried with me is fear of people which isn't great in real life situations!

As SU President Megan is the primary spokesperson for the Students’ Union and Chair of the Board of Trustees, with ultimate responsibility for all Union activities, providing political leadership to the organisation and coordinating the work of all elected Officers.

For more information about the role or to discuss any concerns about the University, the student experience or Southampton you can contact Megan via email -


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