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I'm Leaving Solent, Should I Vote?

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If you’re in your third & final year of study at Solent University, you might be thinking ‘the SU elections don’t affect me, so I won’t vote’. We completely understand why you might think this. But, there are a few things that might change your mind:

  • Solent students having brilliant representation during their time at Solent is very important for Solent University having a good academic reputation worldwide. The role of the Students’ Union and Sabbatical Officers is to continually improve the student experience. With that in mind, a university with positive student experiences is often a more sort after place to study. If you are able to say that your qualification was gained at a university like this, you might find this helpful when entering the workplace or further education.


  • If there have been problems you have faced during studying at Solent, new Sabbatical Officers would be able to ensure no new student faces these issues too. We are able to make changes for future students, to improve their experience, with your feedback.


  • You may change your mind & decide to continue studying at Solent in the future. Plans change and sometimes life takes us in different directions, so don’t rule out that you might come back to Solent to study at some point. It would be good to know that if your plans change, you’d come back to a university with excellent student representation.  

Not only are these reasons a few to consider when deciding to vote, but also remember we want to have your opinions too! The Students’ Union is passionate about hearing the voices of all students; no matter what year, course or campus you are in!

To find out more information on the candidates running in this year’s election, click HERE

You can vote online today HERE & find us outside the library all week to chat about the election process & cast your vote.


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