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How to Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

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Some of us move thousands of miles away from our homes to come to university, something many of us struggle with. No matter how far you’ve traveled to come to Solent, and live in Southampton, a lot of us find it hard to make our new home feel like…well, home. So here are our top tips to make your new uni room feel like your own:

Colour Scheme

Deciding on a colour scheme for your room will help you put your mark on the space straight away. Hop onto Pinterest for some colour scheme ideas, or take a look around somewhere in Southampton like IKEA for inspiration. You don’t have to go wild, but by having a colour palette to work from when adding accessories to your room the space will feel like yours from the word go.

Cushions & Throws

If you’ve already nailed your colour scheme then a great place to start is by adding cushions and throws to your room. These little extras really go a long way to making a blank uni room feel more homely. Having just a couple of ultra-soft, snuggly pieces on the bed will not only feel nice & cosy but look great too.


Having photos of family, friends & pets is a brilliant way to make your new uni home feel so much more personal. Not only will having a few photos around help with the first pangs of homesickness many of us go through when first coming to uni, but they’re also a good talking point if friends come over.


Rugs are massively underused in uni rooms but can totally change the whole feel of a space. The plus side to your small uni room? You’ll only need to invest in a small rug to make an impact. To keep the price down, we would recommend checking out IKEA, Matalan & Primark home sections.

Wall Art

One of the main problems students face in uni accommodation is having to live with of many blank walls. Landlords often do not like marks left by hanging pictures or sticking posters to the wall. If you are going to add any wall art to you uni home it might be a good idea to try out THESE hooks. They remove easily, can take the weight of a picture happily & shouldn’t mark the walls.

We hope you feel at home in your new space soon!


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