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Helpful Advice for your first term at Solent

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Utilise the Library

Buying every textbook for your course can be hugely expensive, which is why we suggest checking out the library at Solent before you invest. The library is very well stocked, but if for any reason you cannot find a book you need for your course, have a chat to one of the friendly library staff who may be able to source the book for you.

Practice Makes Perfect

It might take you a couple of goes before you master your first gourmet meal; but that’s ok. During your first few months at Solent you’re going to do a lot of things for the first time and sometimes you might make a mistake. Don’t be hard on yourself & remember that it’s all part of the learning curve.

Making Friends

Despite what the movies might tell us, making friends actually does take time. So please don’t feel like an outcast if you haven’t buddied up on your first day; most people will just starting to make relationships too. There’s lots you can do around the university to meet new people. We would recommend checking out our societies to meet people with similar interests.

Keeping on Top of Work

We know we sound like know-it-alls, but honestly starting your assignments & projects sooner rather than later will really help you stay on top of your uni work. Speak to your lecturer if you’d like some extra help with the task, or pop into the Student Hub for lots of great advice about managing workload.

We all Feel Homesick

Feeling homesick is more common than you think! It’s also a totally natural reaction to moving away from home, starting a new life and meeting new people. You can take simple steps to help yourself if you’re feeling homesick; like calling home, chatting to roommates about how you feel, or adding a couple of photos to your room of your loved ones. But if you need any extra support your Sabbs or the Student Hub will be able to point you in the right direction.

We hope you’re enjoying your introduction to Solent! Remember you can chat to your Sabbs about anything in this article by reaching them here:

Your SU President David:

Your VP Employability & Engagement Rosemary:

Your VP Welfare & Community Rich:

Your VP Education Mollie:


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