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Notice of Election - Elections Are Changing!

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How we run elections is changing!

For our upcoming elections, where you will be voting on your 2020/2021 Sabbatical Officers, we have decided to also elect your Student Officers for the 2020/2021 year!

Why are we making this change?

Your SU has made this change for a variety of reasons! Moving the Student Officer elections to March means the incoming officers can start before September, enabling them to start representing you from the start of the year and getting campaigns organised earlier in the year!

For Solent SU, this change means that we will have all of our positions elected in one big election, only needing a bye-election in October to fill vacant positions and NUS Delegates instead of two big elections in an academic year. This means that we will have more time to work on your feedback, run your campaigns, organise better events and focus on supporting you!

What does it mean for you?

This means that nominations are open from 12pm 30th of January for all of our Student Officer positions, nominate yourself online now! Any current student who will be also be a student in the 20/21 academic year can run to be a student officer, which is a part time role. It is your chance to be the voice of your represented student community, campaign on local/national issues and use your voice to affect SU policy in student council!

It also means we will be asking you to vote on all of our democratic positions (apart from NUS Delegates) during the voting period (March 5th @ 10am – March 12th @ 1pm) so watch out for our staff and our events to get involved!

Key Dates & Information

  • Nominations Open - Thursday 30th January at 12pm
  • Nominations Close -  Wednesday 19th February at 9am
  • Voting Opens - Thursday 5th March at 10am
  • Solent Decices - Friday 6th March at 1pm
  • Voting Closes - Thursday 12th March at 1pm
  • AGM & Results - Thursday 12th March at 2pm


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