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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Try

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Take more Me Time

University life can be full-on at times. But, taking a little bit of time out here & there just to relax is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It might be as simple as taking a walk with some music, or maybe set yourself a reminder on your phone to put down the laptop for a few minutes. Whatever it is, and whatever works for you; a little bit ‘Me Time’ might be just what you need.

Focus on the Future

If you’re struggling with where you are in life at the moment, maybe taking some time to focus on the future would be a good start to your New Year. Try scribbling down things you’d like to achieve this year & think about how you can get there. Being realistic & comfortable with what you’d like to see in your future is the best way of making these things become a reality.

Read More

Reading is one of the most underrated things for creating a positive mindset for 2018. You don’t have to shut yourself away with a book each day (although you can if you want). It could be something as simple as popping a book in your bag & reading a couple of pages between lectures or waiting for the bus. The New Year is the perfect time to pick up that novel you’ve always been interested in. Or, take the cheats way to reading & download a podcast – they’re free & are like the lazy person’s route to reading more.  

Do One Thing you Truly Love Each Week

Did you find a hobby you love last year, but are always too busy to do it? Well, this year, finding even an hour a week to do one thing you truly love can benefit all of us. If you’re not sure what you’d like to do, try getting in touch with one of our Societies HERE to see if what they do would interest you.  

Happier, Healthier Social Media

Social media is brilliant for staying in touch with your friends and having a laugh. But, we can’t be the only ones feeling down after seeing certain posts on Instagram, or reading the same things over & over on Twitter? Although it’s important to remember people only show their very best moments on social media, the New Year might be the perfect time to clean up your feed. If you find social media getting you down, unfollow those ‘influencers’ with their perfect lives or remove yourself from the next heated discussion about that TV show on Twitter. Creating a happier, healthier social media space is key to a happier, healthier mind.

So do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Let us know over on our Twitter using the hashtag #SolentSUNewYear


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