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Events Manager (Barret's Wessex)

Student Internship with Barrett’s Wessex

Barrett’s Wessex is a charity which aims to reduce the number of deaths from oesophageal cancer through raising awareness in Southampton, Wessex and beyond, of its potentially pre-cancerous lesion, Barrett’s Oesophagus.

The role title: Event Manager (Barret's Wessex)

Aim of role: To organise an event for June 2019 which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the formation of Barrett’s Wessex, so raising public awareness of the condition, with a view to helping more who suffer with it or may be susceptible to it.

How many hours a week: 3-4hrs on average

The expected time frame: 3 Months

Location: Southampton

What you are looking for? management skills – including following a budget; communication skills, such as are used in producing adverts for local papers and fliers to publicise and writing emails informing members and others of event and producing press releases; public relations skills – liaising with Barrett’s committee members and other interested parties; organisational skills – liaising with venue used for event and organising format and content of event; display skills – producing a display showing storyboard of history of BW.

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