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Sowlent Food Garden


About Us

What is Sowlent Society?

Sowlent Student Society is part of the ‘Sowlent’ initiative to ‘green’ up the Solent University campus.

Sowlent student society offers a dedicated space (the Food Garden) to relax and enjoy gardening on your own or with others. The Food Garden is located at the far side of the new sports building on EPT.

The Food Garden:

The Society Food Garden is available to all members of the Society and is an inclusive, peaceful and safe environment. The Food Gardens Comprise of 10 raised beds (2 extra-high for those with back problems or for wheelchair access) and ground growing spaces for fruit, vegetables and plants. It is locked so only members and some staff will have the code.

Course Projects:

It may be possible for society members to use the food garden for their course projects.

Incentive Scheme:

It is also possible that an incentive scheme may be set up to those utilising the food garden – this would entail the use of credits for time spent within the food garden and can be cashed in for produce during seasonal harvesting.


  • FREE to join.
  • Fresh air in a peaceful and safe environment (and some vitamin D)
  • Therapeutic – with space to unwind and de-stress (improves mood and well-being)
  • Socialise with other people (or garden alone if you prefer)
  • Learn new skills (or utilise existing ones)
  • Physical activity (especially if sitting for long periods studying)
  • Disability friendly and Inclusive
  • Possible use for course projects
  • Good for the environment, natural
  • Healthy (increase fruit and vegetable consumption)
  • Budget friendly incentive scheme (free food with credits earned)
  • Life skills (confidence, teamwork and communication)

Contact the society:

Email –  or Sue B - (President)

‘Sowlent’ University Student Food Garden -

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