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About Us

This is a society for those interested in maritime

Solent Maritime Society (SMS) was created in 2011 to help students of Maritime Business studies at Solent University to form a valuable business network and to further enhance the reputation of Solent University in the world of maritime business.

Southampton has a strong relationship with the maritime industry with more than 170 years experience in the field. Combined with the diverse backgrounds of us as students and the wish to succeed, we are in a unique position to explore and exploit a comprehensive range of knowledge and experience through a variety of services which spans from minor to major companies and organizations both in the local, national and international maritime industry. Solent Maritime Society will work to unite these ideas with our studies better prepare a career in global shipping.

Solent Maritime Society is now in its infancy and we invite everyone to seize the opportunity and get involved in creating a professional society that we will benefit from.

The board of 2019/2020

Charlie Sokolowski - President

Zoe Hodges - VP

Filip Bravo - Social Sec.

Carlo Pallestrini - Treasurer

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