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Solent Students' Union Privacy Notices

Last updated: 11.02.19

As a membership organisation the information process is to help improve your student experience whilst you study at Solent University. We also have a staff team, work with suppliers and deal with a number of external stakeholders and the information you can find on this page is for those people too.

The way we collect, manage and process data is governed by the Data Protection Act and this web page, along with all the links to external and internal pages, should explain what this means to you.

As an organisation we aim to be open and transparent in all areas of activity and this is no different. We also want to help you understand your rights and see how we access your data and use it to help improve your experience.

Each privacy statement sets how we support your rights and the processes we follow. It's important you understand your data rights and you can find more information on the ICO website.

As a Students’ Union is a publicly funded body and as such we are not subject to FOI requests. However, we believe that every individual has the control to control their data and access what we hold. Our privacy statement explains and outlines how you can access the data we hold on you and how you can complete a subject access request.

As a student at Solent University, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union. This is so we can offer independent academic representation to all students. As part of this, there are certain details we need to fulfil our obligation as a Students' Union as per the 1994 Education Act. When you enrolled at Solent you would have been provided with a privacy statement from both the University and the Students’ Union. 

We are obliged by various laws including the Education Act, Contracts Act and employment law to process certain data.

We think carefully about your rights and when we believe there to be a legitimate interest in processing data to support you.

We work with a number of commercial partners who offer you a range of services that may benefit your studying at Solent, activities to enhance your enjoyment at Solent and discounts to help you save money as a Student. From time to time your data may be processed to ensure that you receive relevant marketing that will benefit you. Your data is never shared with any external organisation.

We will also contact you with essential information that is a fundamental part of your membership; this may include but is not limited to news about the democratic processes and how the Students’ Union is run. Our privacy statements give you more information about how we use your data, legitimate interest and how you have given your consent.

We use cookies on our website to help improve the online experience and track how it is used. There are also a small number of cookies that are essential to the running of the website and occasional third-party cookies. You can find more information about this on our Cookies Page.

We always provide a way to opt out in our communications without affecting your membership and we will never sell your data to third parties.