About Us

Are you a life-long Whovian or have you only just go into Doctor Who? Did you stop watching years ago or have you been pestered by your Whovian friends to watch the show for years? Regardless of your level of fandom, the Doctor Who Society is very happy to have you!

Join us for discussions, get-togethers and overall Doctor Who fun. There's Kahoots! Jackbox! Screenings! Socials! Top Trumps? We've got it all! You can follow our Instagram or join our Discord, and we'll be in the Spark every Tuesday from 5pm to usually around 7pm (room dependent on what's available).

With the return of Russell T Davies and the imminent arrival of Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor, there's rarely been a better time to be a Whovian, so get stuck in with us and join today!