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Voting for Student Officers elections is now open! Check out this article for the list of candidates and their manifesto.

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Student Officers are part-time volunteers that carry out their exciting responsibilities alongside their studies and work closely with the full-time Sabbs.

This year's candidates are listed below. Please click on their name to download their manifesto.



Academic Affairs


Student Accommodation

Equality and Diversity

Media and Communications

Warsash Maritime Academy Officer


  • Uncontested


Polling stations

Students can vote in the SU Bar, the Concourse, WMA and student residences.

Student Residences

  • Deanery: Tuesday 22 October from 12-5pm
  • Hamwick: Tuesday 22 October from 12-5pm
  • Kimber: Wednesday 23 October from 2-5pm
  • David Moxon: Wednesday 23 October, from 12-5pm
  • Lucia Foster: Friday 25 October, from 12-5pm
  • Liberty Quays: Monday 28 October, from 1-3pm


A polling station will be at Warsash every day at the following times:

  • Tuesday 22 October, from 10-4pm
  • Wednesday 23 october, from 10-3pm
  • Thursday 24 October, from 12-5pm
  • Friday 25 October, from 10-5pm
  • Monday 28 October, from 10-3pm


Please note that all candidates have to campaign against "R.O.N." (Re-Open Nominations) so you have the choice to call a bye-election.


Voting in any Students' Union elections is the best way to have your say in how the organisation is run. Cast your vote today!


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