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Union Rebrand - A new look for your Students' Union

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Over the last few years, we have been looking at ways of making your Students' Union more accessible for the wide array of students at Solent University.

As a part of this, our team have been evaluating how our branding may have put barriers in place for those with a number of visual impairments and additional learning needs. We recognise that some people may have had difficulty engaging with us before because of the colours used on our artwork and designs. For this we apologise and would like to make our commitment to breaking these barriers down known.

The main part of our new look is an update to the Union's colour palette. Our new palette ensures good contrast with the use of different foreground and background colours, making artwork much easier to see and digest. We found that some referred to the impact of visual strain when looking at content digitally, which is why we have gone for a much simpler palette in our rebrand. The colours are understated and helps us in our goal of creating a virtual Union that is accessible to an even wider variety of students.

"I’m incredibly proud of Solent SU for updating the colours to reflect better accessibility and inclusivity, two things that we’ve really been trying to bring to Solent. It’s great to see real change happening around us, and I can’t wait to see what else we can do collaboratively as a Student Union to better ourselves and our community."

Sophiia DeFaia
Disabilities Officer 2019-2021

As a Students‘ Union, we have to cater to our membership‘s needs, wants and best interests. We cannot claim to do so if our branding does not reflect our values of being both inclusive and progressive, by limiting those that can engage with it. My hope for our new colours, is that it makes it easier for students to approach and engage with us over what will be an especially difficult academic year.

That being said, we are always open to feedback from our members and would like to hear your thoughts on the new colour palette being used by your Students‘ Union. If you do have any accessibility requirements that Union artwork is not taking into account, please do let me know

Teodor Mitsev
Head of Student Wellbeing 2020-2021


If you have any feedback on your experiences with our colours, branding and other elements, then let us know!?

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