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The results are in! Breakdown of Sabbatical Officer Elections

The results are in!

You might have seen SU staff outside the Library last week or roaming around Campus, or maybe you enjoyed sweets etc. from our hopeful candidates. Last week was of course our voting week, where we encouraged students to vote for candidates who had put themselves forward for each role, in the hope of leading the Students’ Union and campaigning to improve students overall experience at Solent.

Results night was held on Friday evening, and here’s what was announced:



There were 12 votes to reopen nominations

Adrian Prideaux received 399 votes

Rosemary Tomlin-Wills received 187 votes

Joseph Hemchaoui received 59 votes

Megan Maddex received 667 votes as part of the Powerpuff Sabbs, and was re-elected as President of the SU.



There were 123 votes to reopen nominations

Lewis Cleminson received 980 votes as part of Powerpuff Sabbs, and was elected as VP Education.


Employability and Engagement

There were 16 votes to reopen nominations, which was then excluded at stage 2.

As this held the lowest number of votes it was then excluded and given to the next candidate.

Panos Aristeidou received 241 votes at Stage 1, and was given the 16 votes from RON giving him 257 votes in total. He was then excluded at stage 4.

Jake Balmer received 361 votes in stage 1, then gained 2 more votes in Stage 2 giving him 363 votes. He then gained 19 votes in stage 3, giving him 382 votes. He then went on to gain 52 votes in Stage 4 giving him 434 votes in total.

Sammeh Buxey received 127 votes in stage 1, before gaining another vote in stage 2, giving her 128 votes, she was then excluded at stage 3.

Naomi ‘Nomes’ Fry received 493 votes in Stage 1, then gained 33 votes in stage 3, giving her 526 votes. She then gained 59 votes in stage 4, giving her 585 votes in total and resulting in her being elected as VP Employability and Engagement 2017-18.



Welfare and Community

There were 24 votes to reopen nominations

Em Houghton received 514 votes

Hanna Head received 611 votes as part of Powerpuff Sabbs, and was re-elected as VP Welfare and Community for the academic year 2017-18.