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Student Loans Scam

We have been made aware of a phishing email currently targeting Student Loans. Freshers and returning university students should be aware of any suspicious emails that claim to be from their Student Loans provider. Students are being targeted by fraudsters as they begin the academic year. Those who receive this email may be duped into giving away personal information, which could let to identity theft and the student being defrauded.

The email being sent around claims Student Loans Company accounts have been suspended due to incomplete student information. The recipient is then advised to follow a link to a website which will then take the details the recipient gives over.

The scam is believed to be targeting new and current students, although in some cases, others who have never applied for student finance have been sent the email.

Remember to be safe online, and wary of the sender, and of following any links the email contains. Fraudulent emails usually contain poor quality spelling and grammar, and whilst they may have your email address, they will not refer to you by name, for example ‘Dear Customer’.


For information on the scam visit:

Students who receive suspicious emails of this nature can forward the message onto

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