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Every year, students look forward to the biggest week in the University calendar, Solent Freshers' Week, also known as Welcome Week. A week of big nights out, events, meeting new people and making friends for life. 

Unfortunately for many students, this week ends up being expensive for a very different reason than you might expect, scammers and fake events.

With Facebook groups and group chats popping up all over social media, often before the official events, they can give the impression that they're legitimate. It's all to easy to fall for unofficial events, with organisers looking to making money off unsuspecting students for tickets and wristbands to nights that are poorly organised, have low attendance or don't exist at all. 

Luckily, by being aware of these illegitimate events, you can spot them and save your money for the real thing!


These events will ask for your full name, email address, phone number and University in exchange for early access to tickets, exclusive deals, secret ticket links etc. The thing is, the sign up forms rarely have the legally required GDPR information and their Privacy Policies are vague leaving your personal data open to exploitation. 

Often there’s no specific location information for the events so you never know where they might be held, you may not even know the time of the event!

There might be some genuine events out there but always check the company running the event and make sure you’re not being overcharged for wristbands or freshers nights just  for being a student.

Luckily, by being aware of these illegitimate events, you can spot them and save your money for the real thing!


  1. IT'S SOLENT UNIVERSITY - A big giveaway is how they refer to the University, the University will never call itself 'Southampton Solent University', if the event calls the Uni this then they're most like not official or affiliated with the University or the SU.
  2. LOOK FOR THE LOGOS - Is our logo on the event? Is the University logo on the event? Is it the right logo? If not, it's probably not legit. This year we've seen the UCAS logo and the Student Loans Company logos on these fake events so keep a lookout and don't be fooled.
  3. GENERIC - Most of these fake events will use generic photos of people partying but they're usually stock images. They won't even have a specific location, so if it's just in 'Southampton' that should set alarm bells ringing.
  4. F*CK ME IT'S FRESHERS - Sure it's catchy but the University and the SU would never use inappropriate or potentially offensive language in branding of an event. Beware though, the crafty scammers can sometimes change the name of their events so always double check before you hand over money or personal information.
  5. NO PRESSURE - A common tactic is for these events to say they always sell out or are nearly sold out, they might even show sold out tickets on their website. Don't take the bait though, this is just a marketing tactic to pressure you into parting with your cash.
  6. CHECK THE WEBSITE - Is it listed on the official SU or University website? If it's not it's pretty likely it's not an official event.
  7. ASK - Are the big name sponsors aware of the event? It only takes a couple of minutes to check or DM us, the University or a sponsor brand on social media and it could save you £££.


Have you seen a Solent Freshers' event you're not sure about? Can't decide if you want to shell out for tickets? Drop us an email, a DM or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to confirm if it is or not.

If it’s not, your best bet is to not hand over any money or personal information to save you being spammed or worse, scammed.


For the OFFICIAL 2021 Freshers' calendar of events for Solent University, head to our new Welcome site!