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Do they know it's Christmas?

So, you’re leaving for Christmas and it’s hopefully going to be a ‘silent night’ in your accommodation while you’re at home. Well, it turns out there are naughty crime people out there; let’s call them ‘bad elves’. These bad elves know when you are sleeping, they know when you’re awake and most importantly they know when you’re out of the house. So follow these top tips to make sure your house remains safe, your mind remains clear and your halls remain fully decked.

Whilst you’re away in ‘a manger’ (or family home, your preference) be sure to secure your home over the holidays. Bad elves will be looking for new students in the area who leave expensive equipment on display whilst you’re away. If you have any expensive items then take them with you, and if you can’t - make sure they’re out of view. Keep your curtains and blinds closed. Not only does it hide potential goodies but it can help keep some heat in!

If you have a communal kitchen area make sure you tidy up before you go. You don’t want to leave for a month and come back to find Green Eggnog and Ham in your fridge.  Better yet try and have a whole tidy up before leaving and get your housemates involved! You could even have a Christmas meal of leftovers and feast like Good King Wenceslas!

When you’re at home before the Christmas break you may have people coming in and out daily (Friends, family, landlords etc.) so most of the time you might be like ‘Don’t let the bells end!’ but you don’t want to leave doors and windows open over Christmas, not only for crime prevention purposes but also for draught exclusion. Check all doors and windows for weak spots and make sure you get these sorted before going home. Invest in some good quality locks and inform your landlord if there are any weaknesses.

Some student accommodation is lower quality than expected (sometimes not even appropriate for Little Donkeys…). The pipes may be exposed, the insulation not up to scratch or other small problems. In the bleak midwinter these can cause health concerns as well as a state of disrepair. Make sure to report these to your landlord ASAP. A good tip is to keep some of your heating on to stop the pipes freezing, admittedly not advisable if you’re dreaming of a green Christmas.  If you are having problems with your landlord, be sure to fill in Naomi’s housing survey as it’ll provide a useful tool for us to pressure your landlords in future!

If you’re not going home for Christmas, thinking ‘It’ll be lonely this Christmas’ or having Fairytales of New York then don’t despair! As it is the most wonderful time of the year - we’ve got you covered, as we’ve got a holiday programme of events from a Holiday Gathering on the 21st December (10:30 in RM017), following on to a Christmassy event from 3 in the SU Bar (Mistletoe and Wine optional). You’ll be wishing it was Christmas everyday!

Finally, if you are staying home over Christmas remember to respect those who are also home. The angels may sing and the beats the little drummer boy makes might be enticing for you but maybe not so much for your neighbours at 3am on Christmas day. Respect people as you’d wish to be respected; it’s just a bit of Frankincense and Sensibility really.

So whatever you’re doing for the holiday period remember to spread cheer and good will, let it snow and have fun. It’s time to step into Christmas and enjoy yourselves, but baby its cold outside so wrap up warm.

God rest ye merry gentlefolk, god rest ye.


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