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One flu over the cuckoos nest

So, with thousands of students moving in, various nationalities coming together and going to new environments this creates a big melting pot of germs and illnesses. Freshers Flu is real and will affect a lot of people, here are my tips on how to avoid it (As well as other common conditions)


- Firstly, don’t be scared by the use of ‘flu’ it’s just alliteration and sounds good, it’s actually more of a cold, so there’s no immediate need to run calling for the Doctor. It’s worse than a normal cold usually due to the new environment, physical and psychological strain, as well as your immune system adjusting to a new location. Nothing to worry about!


- Medication, multivitamins or cocktails with unknown chemicals and that off green colour may seem like a miracle cure but they aren’t. Sorry! The best thing to take is Paracetamol if anything, it lowers your temperature and doesn’t irritate your stomach like ibuprofen. For blocked sinuses the best thing to use is olbas oil (like Vicks Vaporub). Pills aren’t always the answer, don’t believe the matrix!


- The symptoms of freshers flu are similar to a usual cold. Shivering, fever, coughing, sneezing, headaches and grogginess. Now the worry here is that these symptoms are very similar to Meningitis, which is 1000x worse than Freshers Flu. Please read my other blog on meningitis to know what to do and what the differences are! 


There’s no shame in staying in your room during this period, it’s often for the best. Just make sure your room is clean (I’m not your mum so I can’t enforce this) but a dusty/dirty room will just increase inflammation and make you feel worse. If you want to be social then try and do something with your flatmates, they're more likely to understand and try and make you feel better!


You don’t want to be cooking whilst ill, so ensure you’re fully stocked on quick and easy meals. Soups, Microwave meals and pot noodles are quick meals and can be bought cheap! For breakfast brown bread will be better for you than white bread, and effervescent tablets will help with your Vitamin B amount!


Stay Hydrated (with WATER) and get plenty of rest, annoying I know with 9am lectures, but try and get to bed at least before midnight, even if you’re not feeling ill.


Your mental health is important too, try not to strain yourself or doing anything you wouldn’t enjoy. The only person you’re accountable to is yourself, don’t bow down to peer pressure despite how much your flatmates want to go out. We have lots of services for wellbeing here at Solent, including the Student Hub, our advice centre and myself. We can all help out! Happy mind means happy students!


That’s all I have to say about freshers flu! Remember to look after yourself during freshers and no matter what I’m sure you’ll have a blast. I’m not a doctor though, so don’t ask me for medical advice!



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