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VP Welfare & Community

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Welcome, welcome, welcome... to my second year in office at Solent! I like to think over the past year I've gotten my head round things and completed all of my goals, so much so that I've written an 80 page report on my activity, which you will see in December in our Annual report.

Firstly, I made a point of raising mental health awareness. I've been working hard over the past year to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. You may remember my Mental Health Awareness Week back in March; overall it was a fantastic week and our online campaign reached over 11,000 people, which is the equivalent of every student at Solent! Further to MHAW, I have been working with various local organisations including Time to Change, No Limits, Steps2Wellbeing, Southampton City Council and Southampton University Students’ Union (SUSU) on a citywide mental health campaign. This work is ongoing and I'm excited to carry this on to next year and have a bigger, better MHAW!


Secondly, further support for housing issues. I will continue to work with our Advice Centre and Shelter to provide support for housing issues, as well as the university accommodation office. Naomi and I have been working on a series of workshops for housing issues; the first workshop of the series was hosted in May about getting your deposit back. These workshops will continue into the next year and hopefully continue to benefit students.

My third and final point was to decrease the Student Support Network (SSN) waiting times. I soon found that, compared to the NHS, our waiting times are incredibly low. I then refocused on working with Students’ First to ensure students are as comfortable as possible during this period. We’ve made good connections with external services such as NoLimits and Steps2Wellbeing to raise the awareness of the services they provide; ensuring students are signposted to the correct service first time.I’ve also done a lot more this year, without going into detail I have:

  • Hosted a workshop on Student Safety
  • Worked to improve the nightline in Southampton
  • Championed a series of alternative events for students (i.e. Big Night In)
  • Revamped the Positivitree
  • Worked on Advice on Tour
  • Wrote a report on Student Feedback which has proved useful for Academic staff
  • Ran another Eco Ernie collection week
  • Ran a campaign and hustings for the General Election
  • Worked with Hannah to tackle Lad Culture
  • Improved facilities across campus (inc. Warsash)
  • Took on representation roles for VP Education after they resigned
  • Closed a motion for Halal Meat following Sodexo changing their procedures
  • Won the Green Impact award for another year!
  • Worked to gain our Investing In Diversity qualification
  • Gained a qualification with Shelter helping to provide information with housing
  • Represented the union at the One World Fair
  • Regular meetings with the Police Crime Commissioner

It's safe to say I'm ready for another fantastic year, with another new, fantastic team to do fantastic things together! Fantsatic!

See you all in September!


Hanan Ramy
12:48am on 8 Jul 20
Hanan Ramy
3:24pm on 26 Mar 20
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