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All the small things...

My main manifesto point from last year was raising mental health awareness and during the last year I've learnt a lot around mental health and it's effects.

For the past however many years I've been suffereing from depression and I've noticed so much stigma and myths around mental health, hearing things like 'Oh you just need to get laid' or 'You just need to go out more', some comments which can actually have the opposite effect of their intended impact. What people assume is that mental health is something that you can control, something you can turn on and off, which is one of the myths surrounding mental health.

It's a society wide problem that mental health still isn't recognised as much as it could be as a genuine health condition, one of my favourite comics sums this up quite well.


It perfectly sums up how we recognise physical disability but not mental effects, as a student in particular you can easily prove you've got a broken leg just by existing, but proving you have a mental health condition which can be just as bad or worse on your academic life is incredibly difficult.

These reasons are why I'm proud to announce the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week, a week long schedule of events focusing on alleviating the stigma and debunking some of the myths surrounding mental health, proving that it's ok to not be ok! 

So please, join me this week for Mental Health Awareness Week and lets work together to remove the stigma around mental health, as small actions can make a massive difference to someones day.


Hanan Ramy
12:49am on 8 Jul 20
Hanan Ramy
3:25pm on 26 Mar 20
David Byrne
9:38am on 8 Feb 16 Thanks for sharing this mental health awareness article, This article helps us to understand the psychological awareness of people, How we have to deal with people in our society.
Nicola Browne Browne
12:37pm on 5 Nov 15 The emotional well-being is only a heap of poop no 1 complies with it until psychological wellness need 2 utilize a piece of it 2 cause a man a problem. .Not just that when the emotional well-being doesn't conform to it no 1 in any protestations office will make a move. The demonstration means nothing.
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