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Got A Mouse In Your House Or A Slug In Your Mug?

I'm glad that title got your attention, now it's time to work together to tackle bad landlords and letting agents.

I’ve had some pretty bad experiences when it comes to renting a property, from having a mouldy bedroom to finding slugs in our living room!

It sounds pretty grim but there are so many things that I wish I’d been told before spending loads of money on admin fees and paying my deposit upfront.

Students can be seen as easy targets in all areas and when this comes to housing this is something that I want to change, and I believe I can but only with your help.

I have created a survey to gather a collection of anonymous student opinions which we can publish and distribute to empower students to make excellent choices.

It gives you the opportunity to ensure that your voice is heard, as I’m sure some of you are sick and tired of feeling pressured to sign a contract or are unsure about your rights as tenants.

My aim for this year is to support both home and international students, and I don’t want letting agents to make you panic and rush into signing anything because there are plenty of houses out there!

The dangerous combination of poor housing and letting agencies exploiting students needs to be addressed.

We understand that letting agencies need to make money, but you have a right to know what businesses do this ethically and those who sacrifice students safety and wellbeing in exchange for profit.

So let's get bitchin' about your kitchen or vent about your rent:



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